Plus Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia, and Social Change by Mekdela

Memoirs chronicle a person’s truth and never more so than in this detailed book about what it is like to be plus-size in the United States.  Vulnerable, honest, and wholehearted Mekdela has written a very realistic look at the way our society shames the overweight.  Every bit of the book is absolute truth.  I applaud the eloquence and research done to produce this book.

The truly sad thing about the book is that as spot-on as it is, the writer is not really very overweight. At a size 14, the truth of the matter is that she is pretty average for women in the US.  In the US the average dress size is now 16.   What a horrible statement that this country is so consumed by the idea of being thin that it shames the average size woman.  Mekdela covers every aspect of being plus-sized, including, race, economic status, immigrant, etc.  If you have ever struggled with body image or held any shame over your physical being this book will bring you validation and a true sense of community.  My wish would be for people who have never experienced issues of domination and oppression to read this book and grow their hearts. 

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