Football Superstar by Yetta Yvette

I bet that you are surprised that a woman wrote a book titled Football Superstar.  I was!  I shouldn’t have been!  Yvette certainly understands the drive it takes to become successful in the world of football.  Kater Stephens decides early in life that he will be a great football player.  This decision is behind everything he does.  The long hours of practice, the type of food he eats, the many hours of studying, it is all about getting into college as a football player and then on to the NFL.  Karter is so dedicated that he gives up girls so he can keep his focus on the ball.

Karter grew up in a terrible neighborhood.  He didn’t have money, it was what it was, but he had a dream and he had the one thing everyone needs:  someone that believed in him.  For Karter, it was a strong, determined, loving wise woman that encouraged him to succeed that gave him all he needed to move forward.

If you read my posts you know I do not like to give away the story, so none of that here. Suffice it to say that the life of hard knocks hit Karter bad but he found a way to stand back up every time.  Do you have a dream?

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