Virtual Privacy by Jeffrey Warren

I am so thankful that Jeffrey Warren has a sequel out!  I absolutely loved his book Justifiable Homicide and gave it 5 stars.  Boy, is it worth the read!  This is the second in the series about Jon Reynolds and Katie Ruiz.  Both are brilliant in their own fields and both take on the drug cartels, putting a huge kink in the cartel network.  Unfortunately, in this second book, reality sets in and the cartel begins its climb back to a 500 billion dollar a year business.

Warren offers a glimpse into the US government’s use of technology in the war on drugs, preventing its growth and hopefully taking it down.  He includes the US involvement with countries like Afghanistan and Mexico, making it clear that this is a global issue.  The story is loaded with tension that permeates the conference room at the Department of Justice, to on-the-ground with the military forces in Afghanistan to Tucson, Arizona where the team Jon and Katie have put together find some time to plan.  The team moves about as their own security is in question when their pictures are posted everywhere as heroes in the war on drugs.  

In this newest novel Jon, Katie, and the rest of the team are working to not only keep themselves safe but to keep the cartels from bouncing back.  They are constantly working on new ways to prevent the cartels from networking and setting up delivery routes.  Warren includes a lot of technology but I find it never is too much for the reader and it always adds to the tension that is woven throughout the novel.  Although there is no doubt about the intelligence of the main characters, it is a welcome treat to see the brilliance of the author shine through the pages of the plot to illuminate the drug cartels.  Using the very technology employed by the cartels to bring them down means everyone gets their just desserts.  Excellent read!

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