Death at Dusbar College: A Story of Antyfas by Laura DiNovis Berry

This is a very fun fantasy chapter book for older elementary/middle school kids.  The story is about 11-year-old Cristiano who has been invited to visit his Aunt at Dusbar College.  Cristiano is so excited about the visit because he has been studying on his own for a long time and is ready to learn everything he can while at the prestigious magician’s school.  He gets to meet the Grand Magician and even see a dragon but what his heart desires most is to solve the riddle the Grand Magician has written.

If he can solve the riddle he wins the Grand Magician’s hat, the most magical of hats!  With that on his head, there will be no stopping him.  Is it even possible that an 11-year-old could beat out some of the greatest magical minds?  Berry has written a very fun delightful tale perfect for getting the imagination flowing and young minds wanting to read.  Full of fun characters, imaginative events, and excellent fantastical settings, Berry has done a terrific job.  I want a castle that expands under the ground but all hallways lead back to the same place!  I am sure I do not want a frog in my throat!

This is a perfect summer read and a great read-aloud book for parents and smaller children.

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