The Hydra Effect: Revelations and Betrayal in Mexico CIty by Ana Manwaring

In the most recent release by Manwaring, we find JadeAnne and Pepper hanging around Mexico, trying to do some processing after the death of her friend Lura.  Feeling compelled to attend the funeral, she runs into Anibal and reluctantly accepts his invitation to stay with him while in Mexico City.  It doesn’t take long for JadeAnne to start thinking that something does not add up with Anibal, the warning to never come to his floor of the house, the help he employs, the vast amount of money, and his need for bulletproof clothing.  Something is just not right with his reveal of being a DEA agent.

When Anibal and JadeAnne find themselves in a shoot-out while shopping for clothing, JadeAnne realizes that she is not safe and neither is anyone else.  Feeling rocked to her core and starting to miss her ex-boyfriend, Dex, JadeAnne is unsure where to turn and how to get out of her situation.  Anibal has now turned hostile, making it much worse when Senator Aguirre’s bodyguard, Jackman Quint, suddenly appears on the scene and helps JadeAnne find not only the truth, but safety as well.

Manwaring has written an action-packed tension-filled novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Set in beautiful Mexico City, with the lavish shopping, fabulous food, heavy pollution, and constant influence of the drug cartels, the story becomes all too possible.  Who can the female protagonist trust?  How will she handle a gun and the face-to-face experience of violence, drugs, sex trafficking, and language barriers?  Will JadeAnne get out of Mexico in one piece?  Manwaring does a masterful job of weaving this action-adventure tale.

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