Boogie Beach by Winnie Winkle

Do you like Carl Hiaasen or Christopher Moore’s books?  Or maybe you read and loved Good Omens?  Well, then this is a book for you!  With all of the quirky characters, the fun setting, interesting names, and wit Winkle provides the reader with a terrifically fun read that takes you outside the box.  Cleopatra, who goes by Patra, is in charge of a bar on the beach.  It’s actually two bars in one.  On one side is a regular bar for locals and tourists at the beach but on the other side is a door most people cannot see which is the entrance to the magical bar.  If you have any magical ability you might be able to get into that side and you could run into Posiden or a witch or some of Zeus’ muses, you just never know.

Cleopatra is the keeper of the bar.  She was chosen by the previous keeper who was chosen by the keeper before him and so on.  Her life consists of balancing the life everyone can see and the magical world of the other bar.  It isn’t easy and it is never boring.  When she discovers that Zeus has manipulated everyone and the situation, causing great damage that could even get worse for all sides, she is determined to set things right.  After all, she is the Keeper.  

Winkle has written a very fun read.  Can you resist Posiden in a red speedo?  How would you deal with wood fairies that drink too much or a werewolf that comes into your bar?  Need a read that will make you laugh out loud and is pure entertainment?  This is your book!

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