Fore Play by Linda Sheehan

I am not a golfer.  I do not even watch golf on TV.  I am not even a sports fan in general but I loved this book!  Sheehan does a fabulous job of blending the actions and decisions of her characters into a tangled web of manipulation, lies, greed, and obsession with a sport.  The setting is a Country Club that happens to be located in a spot where a large population of White Trumpet Cranes nest every year.  These cranes are both a symbol for the club and a protected species.  

The Country Club is called Bellstone and is trying to keep up with and outdo other Country Clubs in the area. The President of the club and his cronies have two focuses for making Bellstone the best.  One is getting a female golfer into a tournament at St Anthony’s course in Scotland and the other is opening the finest wine cellar at any Country Club.  The annual Country Club Female golfer of the year tournament is just around the corner and Mandy Manville is all set to win once again and fly out to Scotland until Jody Benson joins the club.

You won’t find a more twisted tale of human nature and egos clashing.  You won’t find one that is more fun, ridiculous, and yet rings of the possibility of truth.  I could not put the book down.  I laughed,  I grinned, I booed, and I cheered!  Shoot, after all this, I might start watching golf!  Fore Play is just the read for the top of your summer reading list!

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