Dial P For Poison by Zara Keane

When you end up divorced and with no job in San Francisco the best thing to do is go visit your Aunt in Ireland.  Maggie’s Aunt owns the Movie Theater Cafe on a small island in Ireland but needs some surgery and recovery time so it is serendipitous when her niece wants to visit.  Maggie can tend to the cafe while auntie recovers. Sounds like the perfect setup, until you discover there are a few issues like Maggie can not cook and a cafe patron dies.

This is a very fun, delightful murder mystery!  Keane has some fabulously quirky characters, a hot motorcycle cop, a guy that spends his evenings looking for UFOs, a nun, and the meanest rich woman in town to name only a few.  The small island offers the perfect setting for an “everybody knows everybody” environment and the Movie Theater Cafe is terrific with its cafe in the original lobby and the theater refurbished as a meeting place for social groups on the island.  The tables in the cafe are named after famous movie stars like the Spencer Tracy table.

All in all, this is a super cozy mystery, perfect for a by-the-pool read or beach read this summer.  You will chuckle, gasp and smile with a warmed heart!

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