Bait & Switch: Mayfield Mystery 1 by Jerusha Jones

Remind me not to invite Jerusha Jones to my wedding!  What could be worse than finding the love of your life, marrying him, and he disappears on the first day of the honeymoon?  Well, Jones is here to tell you that it can get a lot worse!  In her novel of mystery and intrigue, Jones weaves a tale of devastating betrayal, the kind few people come back from.  Each chapter takes it further and further, making the reader wonder how the main character is going to survive this ordeal.  

Jones’ female protagonist, Nora, is a realist with her feet squarely planted on the ground, a refreshing main character!  She remains loyal to her husband, recognizing that she has good sense and that something must be behind all the things she discovers in the search for her husband because she doesn’t make emotional decisions, she could not have been conned this badly.  Jones knows that no one makes it alone in this world, so Nora has a sidekick that is a hoot; Clarice.  She is Nora’s senior who piles her up like in the fifties and has an I am up for anything and her can-do attitude is a life saver.  

Finding Skip, discovering why the FBI wants him, and uncovering the truth means that the book is fast-paced, sometimes nerve-racking, and hard to put down.  Jones counteracts the seriousness of the plot with a group of male orphans and a gun-toting wild-looking old man who makes moonshine and has a hidden past.  You are going to laugh, speculate on how this whole story ends, and want to protect the characters from the bad guys, especially when you can tell who they really are.  This is a perfect binge read!

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