The Ship to Look For God by D. Krauss

One of my favorite types of books is when the author adds theology to the story.  It does not really matter what genre the book is, it is the added theology that makes me not want to put it down.  This is that kind of book.  Krauss has done a great job of creating a really fun read even if you ignore the theology.  The theology comes into play when Otto finds himself in heaven after a fatal heart attack.  The place is pretty great, with amazing food, comfortable good looking suits to wear, and a great apartment, but where is God?  

The characters are a delightful combination of historical figures and imagined ones.  Otto, the main character, is a Christian that has worked to take his faith to heart and live it without being overzealous.  Historical figures include Doc Holliday, Charles Darwin, and Amelia Earhart to name only a few. Part of the fun is figuring out how some of these people made it to heaven and the theology behind their being there.

Otto begins to doubt that this place is heaven; how can it be if God is not present?  As he looks he discovers more and more possible conflicts with the Bible’s description of heaven and his location.  He must find a way to God for there are too many questions to ask, not to mention the goal of spending eternity with God.

This is an exceptionally fun read.  Whether you are a Christian or not it will not matter because this concept of Heaven will rock your own vision. The afterlife is such an interesting topic and Krauss does an amazing job of making this story into an adventure of a lifetime, or afterlife time.

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