Hold Back The Night: A Detective McDaniel Thriller by Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell has written a book about a serial killer that will curl your hair.  From the first page to the last, Blackwell takes you on the fast-paced hunt for absolute evil.  The book is set in Washington state and opens with freezing rain late at night and an escaped little girl running barefoot through a forest to find safety.  Where did the child come from, who is she, and what symbol is scrawled on the bus stop wall?  

Detective Darren McDaniel and his partner Brent Vanderwyck are the perfect pair.  They have opposite skills and share them generously.  They trust each other and enjoy a little fun bantering between the two of them knowing that it helps de-stress the work.  Blackwell does a terrific job with his characters, leaving the reader wanting to know even more about them and excited about the next case they solve.  The story left me stunned and thinking that there must be a special place in heaven for detectives and police who have to deal with this kind of evil.  An excellent read that I read as a stand-alone book but I enjoyed it so much that I suspect I will get another one of Blackwell’s.

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