Chasing The Edge by Leslie A. Piggott

Piggott has written a fascinating tale of college athletes on scholarships that are doing everything they can, within legal limits, to maintain their scholarships in a highly competitive environment.  The Head of the Athletic Department at the small college is determined to keep his position, increase his income, and create a nationally renowned athletic program that may or may not be ethical.  The Athletic Medical Doctor on staff wants to help the athletes be the best they can be although he is a bit naive.  In the midst of all of this people start dying.  It is captivating “can’t put it down” read!

I enjoyed the contrast between the snarky characters and the more sincere characters.  The drive of the athletes I found to be incredible not just for the thrill of performing but the goal of keeping their scholarships in the face of not being able to attend college and the impact it has on their future.  The dilemma faced by all concerning what is the right thing to do gave me pause several times.  How far should a journalist go to get the story?  What should an older child do to maintain a positive opportunity for their future?

Chasing the Edge is a well-done “whodunit” that makes for a dramatic and suspenseful summer read.  

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