Running Scared by Benjamin Bradley

In the third book of the series, Bradley continues the story of the two detectives, Shepherd and Kelly with Kelly’s “origin story”.  It is a pretty genius move as it ends up bringing the couple closer together while explaining why Kelly went into police work and developing Shepherd’s detective skills to a much higher level. The story is intriguing and the reader is encouraged to struggle with just exactly who is the evil one.  Bradley’s skill at writing can be seen throughout the book, but his ability to combine fear and reality without ever going too dark is what makes the book.

It seems to me that the rule “don’t go into the woods” is clear.  If you do not want a fearful experience, stay out of the woods.  Simple, unless you are a teen at summer camp and then the rule is simply daring you to go into the woods.  When your brain believes that you are invincible and certainly our brains lean that way in our formative teenage years, you just got to find out for yourself, and prove that fear of the woods is ridiculous.  Ah, to have the wisdom of years!    Camp Whispering Pines is built on the idea of hard work (it is for Track athletes) first and then some great fun and games after.  It is a typical camp in that after lights out, the college-age counselors party into the wee hours of the morning, adding hang-overs to their daily routine.  Being summer time there are of course the first love and summer romance experiences that blossom as well.  

Having been a summer camper years ago I have always wondered how hard it must have been to hire young adults that can be trusted with the young campers, a daunting job I imagine! With the revelation that Camp Whispering Pines has hired a young man who turns out to be really creepy, even scary, combined with the fear of the woods, you know you are in for quite a story. 

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