The Monster by Ron Kinscherf

I have a new favorite children’s author.  I love children’s books and often think that they outdo books for adults, especially in wit and illustrations!  Ron Kinscherf is new to the field but with each book he publishes, I grow in admiration of his skills.  Kinscherf makes the books great fun for both children and adults with his endearing topics, sense of realism, and humor.  In his fourth book, The Monster, Kinscherf takes on the hard question of what happens to a bug that gets inside your car and travels with you to your destination to be released into a whole different world from where the bug began.  Yep, Kinscherf has solved this mystery! Add the playful illustrations by Holly Brogaard and you have a tremendously fun read for all. 

Flyer Abe, a truly brave flyer among the ant colony that lives below the Baker’s Patio, decides to enter the large metal monster parked on the concrete path as part of his surveillance job of providing safety to the ant community.  Thus his journey begins with a horrifying thud, a rumbling noise, and the movement of the metal monster.  If you follow my blog you know I hate spoilers so I won’t tell you what happens to Flyer Abe.  I promise that you will be thrilled with the book for you, your children, your nieces or nephews, or your grandkids. 

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