Dead On Time by W. L. Knightly

Professor Whit Filmore has a sixth sense.  Now that he is teaching, rather than working as a detective, he figured that this skill would never be used again.  When he is asked to help solve a murder in a small Texas town, it appears that the sixth sense is not only real but will not stay silent.

Upon getting a call from the FBI to help, Professor Filmore reluctantly agrees to help and asks one of his teaching assistants, Anna, to join him.  Fillmore believes that Anna may have the gift as well, so he has encouraged her to develop it.  Arriving in Aldridge, Texas they discover that there is a link between the death of two girls that the police had not caught.  One girl came from the right side of the track and the other from the wrong side of the track.  Will the sixth sense help them solve the case?  

This is a solid thriller, complete with a secret society, old money, a small college, and a good ol’ boy system.  Knightly has created a quirky professor that any reader would enjoy getting to know.

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