Wrong Place. Wrong Time by W. Glenn Duncan

This is the second Rafferty book of Duncan’s that I have read.  It makes a great stand-alone read so do not worry if you are not into reading a series.  I am not going to give the story away or reveal the ending so let me simply write about what I enjoyed about the book.  Duncan’s characters are a hoot.  Rafferty is a rough tough guy with a big heart who likes to think that he is a noir detective.  His friends are sometimes a little wild but they have mad skills.  His girlfriend has his number.  

When the secretary from the office next door, you know the one he has nicknamed “Honeybutt”, asks for a meeting Rafferty is not sure how he is going to tell her that he is taken.  Shocked that what Honeybutt wants is to hire him to protect her grandfather, Rafferty has got to humble himself and get along with the old curmudgeon.  Grandfather Thorney is being vandalized by neighborhood kids.  Unfortunately when the kids’ pranks get out of hand so does Grandfather Thorney who grabs his shotgun and starts shooting.  None of the kids are hurt, but things just got a lot more serious.

Duncan did a terrific job weaving this tale. There are plenty of twists and turns with a surprise ending. You are going to enjoy this read, go ahead and treat yourself!

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