Horror in the Highlands by Alison Golden and Jamie Vouget

Reverend Annabelle Dixon is excited about her vacation on the tiny Scottish island of Blodraigh where her brother and niece live.  It has been a while since she got to play with her niece and her brother’s housekeeper makes the most fantastic cakes, not to mention how beautiful and relaxing walks around the island can be.  

Rev Dixon is not there long when she discovers that there are mysteries on the island.  A famous rockstar has moved there but why is he acting like a hermit? Her niece has a best friend being raised by her aunt but why are they so penniless there seems to be a missing treasure of great value.  When a murder occurs Rev Dixon can not sit by with the rest of the native islanders waiting for the nearest police to arrive given the raging storm preventing anyone from entering or leaving the island.  

Golden and Vougeot have written the perfect spooky cozy mystery.  The setting can not be surpassed, with the very secluded island, the ancient buildings, and the small number of islanders.  The characters are believable and perfect for the roles they play, Rev Dixon with her determination, her niece with her sense of curiosity and kindness, the local pub owner who has his nose into everything, the secluded Rock Star, and the two tourists that think they own property on the island, as well as the rest of the locals really make the book.  Although this is part of a series it works well as a stand-alone read.

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