Arianne: The Mistress by Wendy L. Anderson

Arianne has had a really terrible life.  As an orphan, she grew up in a brothel where she began to work once she came of age and eventually married the owner who promises her that she will never have to work again.  Unfortunately, everyone has a price, and Arienne’s husband changes his tune when a man seeks Arienne’s services and is willing to pay a great deal for it.

Not realizing that this man will completely change her life and knowing that she has no choice in the matter, Arienne goes back to work.  Every 20 days the man returns and asks only for her.  Each time they meet the two become closer and closer until Arienne can not help but want to know everything she can about this man.

Driven by her emotions for this mysterious man, Arienne plans and executes a way to get out of the brothel and share her life with this visitor.  This last visit will change everything so she must be prepared to do anything to be with her love.  

If you read my blog much you know that I am a huge fan of the author and her work.  This book is no exception.  It is full of hardship, romance, action, and adventure.  It is the perfect weekend read!

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