Murder Mystery Book Club by Danielle Collins

Collins has the perfect set-up for a cozy mystery!  Eva Stewart not only runs a bed and breakfast in the Florida Keys but also a murder mystery book club that frequently meets not just to discuss but study their favorite genre of books.  The members of the club are pretty eclectic and are loads of fun.  The couple who have a dog sitting and grooming business and take one of their clients everywhere they go, the senior lady who dresses as if she is a retired movie star, and the modern artist who has yet to really be discovered, not to mention the rest all bring to the table a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when a dead body is found near the B & B Eva can’t wait to help solve the crime.  It certainly does not hurt that the new police detective in town is really handsome what with Eva being a widow and all. Aside from the bad news of a murder occurring right next door, there is the issue of the new detective not being thrilled with Eva’s snooping or her book club, the highly suspicious guest that checked in right before the murder occurred, or the strange man standing just down the road that keeps watching the B & B. 

This is a fun read, you will laugh out loud and enjoy the banter of the book club, the fictional character references in their discussions, and the very lively characters in Collins’s book.  This is part of a series but it works well as a stand-alone novel.    

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