Blanket by Ron Kinscherf

There is simply nothing much better than a great children’s book!  Blanket definitely falls into that category.  Once again in the Papa Tell Me A Book series the reader finds Papa and David hanging out together during nap time.  David wants to hear about blankets.  Papa is a little nervous because a grandfather never wants to disappoint his grandchild!  Fortunately for David and the rest of us, Papa has a terrific imagination and thus the story begins “Once upon a time there was a Knight…”.  

Along the way, we discover that the blanket has special meaning to the whole family making the imagination of the story connect with the reality of early childhood and each person’s most loved support piece.  I was filled with fond memories of my little brother’s blanket which he called “giggy” that over the years became reduced to a small square of material.  The joy of finding a book that explores this magical security item is priceless and the message to children today remains powerful.

If you have not discovered Ron Kinscherf’s books please make a point to do so.  You, your children, and your grandchildren will be thankful for the memories these books instill.

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