Catastrophe In The Library by Ceecee James

I love mysterious old mansions with secret hiding places, passages, and of course the secrets of those who inhabit the homes.  James has written a very fun mystery with a beloved cat, Hank, that prowls the mansion, a group of characters that have worked at the mansion for many years, and the manager of the house.  Laura Lee is determined to get the old house into working order and has a secret book club that meets after hours in the servant’s quarters.

When the construction work gets Hank stuck while hiding from the workmen, Laura Lee searches for him and in the process discovers the skeleton of a man that has papers in his boney hand.  

Determined to find out who this man was and why he is hidden in the walls of the mansion, Laura Lee takes advantage of the other servants and their years at the mansion to help her solve the mystery.  The search for the truth becomes a history lesson as well as a real-life murder mystery for the book club.  An enjoyable cozy for anyone that loves historical settings.

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