Coyote: Terror And Pursuit Across The Border by Ana Manwaring

JadeAnne Stone is back in another action-packed story set in Mexico.  JadeAnne is trapped and trying to escape Mexico with the young girl, Lily, whom she saved from the trafficking ring.  Can she come up with a plan?  Can she stay alive and if she can get out, what happens to the life she has created in Mexico?  Manwaring has written yet another edge-of-your-seat book.  

Manwaring does a terrific job of not only writing excellent action scenes with bullets flying, screams of terror, and ducking as low as one can get.  The reader is drawn into each scene, tightly gripping the book to see who will survive and what will happen next as the ruthless string of human traffickers work to get both JadeAnne and Lily back.  But Manwaring also forces the reader to come to terms with the non-stop fear of the two victims, of the stress of being hunted and having to live in a secret place with no way to have any sense of normalcy.  By the end of the book, the reader is even feeling sorry for the dogs for fear they can not go outside without bodyguards.  These bad guys are as relentless as Liam Neeson trying to save someone.

One fun thing about Manwaring’s books is the attention she pays to food.  Anyone that loves Mexican food will find this book brings with the great story the ability to make your mouth water over the delicious food.  When I finish one of her books, I am always wanting to plan a trip to Mexico!

Three cheers for Manwaring on another fantastic action-adventure read!  There is nothing like a female protagonist that can handle the tough stuff as well as any man and JadeAnne does not let you down. 

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