Thirst For Sin by Kennedy Lane

Wow!  Talk about a page-turner!  Layne has written a terrific thriller that is full of suspense with a huge twist.  The plot is dynamic with a female protagonist that appears to be as cold as ice until you discover the motive behind her career choices.  

Sloane is a special consultant to the FBI.  She is one of the best profilers the agency has ever used.  Her academic career alone is astounding but her ability to see what others cannot see is what makes her the best.  But Sloane has a secret that few people know, a secret that makes her the best at understanding and finding serial killers.  

As you sit on the edge of your seat reading, anticipating Sloane’s secret and rapidly turning the pages you will be shocked at the life she chose.  Solving this latest crime for the FBI is only the first step to ending the horrors in Sloane’s life.

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