The Festival by Ron Kinscherf

Love this book!  Seriously, love this book!  As a teacher, I was always trying to find well-written, well-illustrated books for my students that promoted diversity, acceptance, and tolerance.  I wish that this one had been available.  As a mom, I would have loved this for the holiday season.  I am a big believer in celebrations and community activities, we simply do not celebrate enough!  The ants underneath The Baker’s Patio decide to celebrate all the good things in life.  They plan, set up, and throw a great celebration that even includes guests from outside the colony.  This is a great way to introduce diversity to little children.   

One of the things I love about Kinscherf’s books is that there are always at least two good lessons in them, you know, the kind you want your children to learn. The Festival is no exception, from doing your best to you worked hard so a celebration is in order, to when we work together we make great things happen.  All are in the story.  Reinforcing these lessons with books is always a win!

I can’t end this review without a shout-out about the fabulous illustrations.  They are always well done in a Kinscherf book but these are especially fabulous. Seriously, if you can look at them and not feel the magic I am truly sorry for you!

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