The Christmas Walk Caper: A Mac and Millie Mystery by J B Michaels

The subtitle of this book is “A Mac and Millie Mystery” which is very accurate as the two make a most comical team of investigators.  Mac, a retired too-soon cop with a brother who is still a cop, and Millie who desperately needs to get away from her parents and live her own life, join together to solve the murder of a well-known elderly businesswoman.  Part of the fun of this story is the frustration they both feel over the Mayor’s attempt to sweep the death under the rug in the interest of city economics and the holidays.

The town is just about to begin the annual Christmas walk in which people purchase tickets to tour decorated homes.  The victim has one of the most significant homes on the tour, making it a complicated issue if the Christmas Walk will even take place.  Mac and Millie are determined to find the killer and keep Christmas as special as ever.  This is a fun, quick read that will tickle your sense of humor and keep you guessing as to who the killer is and why it happened.  A perfect mystery for the holiday season.

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