The Christmas Mystery by James Patterson with Richard DiLallo

Luc Moncrief is from France, living in NYC, and is a police detective with NYPD.  His police partner and dear friend is Katherine Burke or K. Burke, as Moncrief calls her. Their relationship is fun as they work to solve crimes together, support and encourage each other and tease each other over their flaws.  They make a solid detective team that is interesting to watch work.  A wealthy woman is killed and some valuable art is stolen but the detectives are on the case.  As they work to solve the connected mysteries, they discover that this is not a one-time occurrence.  

This book is well written and finds them flying to Paris for another personal mystery.  The play between the two detectives is endearing and encourages the reader to think that this will eventually turn into more. The settings are glamorous and take you far outside the normal NYPD pay scale, which seems to add to the intrigue.  It is a short, quick read, making it perfect for a cozy fireplace read during the season especially if you are a holiday mystery fan.

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