Forsaken Talents by Leslie A. Piggott

Continuing with the main character, Cari Turnlyle, Piggott once again takes us down the path of solving criminal cases through the eyes of a journalist.  Cari’s career with the local newspaper is taking off and she has been promoted to the front page.  When a young woman dies in a car wreck Cari is saddened because she knew the girl, Jade, and had just seen her at yoga.  Cari is not too surprised when Jade’s father turns up at the newspaper yelling that his daughter was murdered and the police will do nothing about it, but when an eyewitness claims that Jade was crying at the time of the wreck Cari cannot let go of the sinking feeling she has that maybe the Dad is right after all.

Piggott does a great job of describing the life of a journalist and the mindset one must have to follow through with the hunt for information.  Her character development holds steady with each story as we follow Cari’s growth in her career, personal life, and sense of values.  Piggott’s education is in the sciences so it makes sense that there is always an element of science in her books but it is always intriguing and easy for the non-scientific brain to follow.  I hope she keeps on writing as I am curious as to what the next newsworthy event will look like and to find out how Cari continues to grow.

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