Readers of this blog, 

I am writing to let you know that I am no longer working.  I will be letting my websites, Instagram and Twitter die out.  I will no longer be taking requests for reviews and nor will I be managing social media for anyone.  I am officially retiring from the business of Books.

It has been a wild 3.5 years of experience.  I have enjoyed it and had I been able to make it in any way profitable I would continue.  The obstacles of working with Amazon are too great and not being able to leave a review on their sight is problematic when they have so much power in the business.  

I want to thank the many authors I was honored to work with, your books are amazing and I hope you continue to write.  I want to thank Indies United Publishing House for supporting Indie authors in the best ways possible in our current climate.  Last, I want to thank Jennie Rosenblum, editor extraordinaire, who knows my love of books and led me into the world of Book marketing.

I was so blessed to read some amazing pieces of literature, meet so many “rock stars” of the writing world, and share the amazing books independent authors wrote with others.

I wish you all the best,


One thought on “Goodbye!

  1. Julia, I’m sorry to see you go. I’ll miss the blog! Thank you for getting me going in social media. I wish I could have been a major account… Best wishes for your next endeavor. Write a book. THAT will net you a NEGATIVE income.hahahaha! (not actually funny…)


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