About Me


From as far back as I can remember I have read.  I do not remember ever not having books around me.  Book stores, libraries, racks of used books all have a special place in my heart.  One of my favorite things to do is share a good book with others. A few years ago a friend convinced me to start writing reviews of the books I read.  My friend spoke of  how it was really a disservice to the author to not write a review, especially when I so enjoy sharing books with others.  Writing reviews has been so much fun and I have been able to share the books I love with even more people.  It seemed like a natural part of my journey with books to start blogging about them.

In reading other reviews I found that most reviews were summaries of the book and often held spoilers.  Spoilers do not work for me at all! I decided on an approach to reviewing that focuses on the style of the book, character development, readability and answering the question,  “Do I want more?”.

I am passionate about mysteries and thrillers.  I love legal/lawyer fiction, historical fiction, spiritual/theological writings, self-help books and children’s literature.  Some of my favorite books are fantasy/sci-fi but that is not a genre I normally seek out.

If I do not like a book or cannot finish reading it I will not leave a review.  I would love to have the talent and skill to be a writer but since this cannot be I will contribute in the area of appreciation and support.  

I hope that my blogging will lead you to find a really great read that you want to share with others too!


Professional Reader