Proofreading and Beta Services

$95 for a Beta read unless the book is more than 400 pages.  At 400 pages the cost goes to $145.  Contact me via the contact page for more information.


Specialty Book Blog Tours Hosted by three different bloggers: Juliapicks1, jenniereads and TheStayAtHomeDaughter

When you sign on for a Blog Tour you get a variety of demographics.  One blogger is a retired Librarian( so young at heart), one a retired Teacher (late 50’s) and one a Social Worker (late 20’s).   It is a great way to get the review out to many people.

So here are the facts:

Authors must provide the following:

An edited and proofread book (by someone besides yourself): PDF , Mobi, or hard copy.

All your social media links.

And a total fee of $100 (see details below)

In return each blogger will:

Read your book.  If we like it (accordingly with our policy for providing honest reviews) and would like to review it, I will connect with you to schedule a Blog Tour, request needed information and request payment.  Upon receiving the payment and social media links the blog tour will begin on the agreed date. Blogs will be posted on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Blog Tours will make use of multiple social media blasts: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook during blog days and periodically for 4 days after postings.

We limit our tours to only one author/book per week with a maximum of 4 per month.  This insures our undivided attention to each author.

Hard copies of books will be used as giveaways or passed on to other bloggers who agree to read and possibly review.

Reviews may be placed on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Goodreads.

Now here’s our Guarantee

Use the “contact me” form to request more information or to schedule a Blog Tour.   If we schedule your book and set a date, then you provide the book and pay a deposit of $15.  Once a review is confirmed we will set the dates our blogs will appear and the balance of $85 is due.  However, if after reading the book, the bloggers do not care for your book, or if for any reason we decide not to blog your book, you pay nothing past your deposit.

Manage Social Media

I will post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for you.  I can post 7 days a week, 5 days a week and 3 days a week per month.

There is a $50 start up fee.   This includes a 30 minute phone call to begin the process.  After that phone calls are invoiced at the rate of $25 per hour.

In addition I charge $25 an hour for posting.  $25 buys you three posts a week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a month with a total of 36 posts.  This includes growing your following.  $50 buys 5 posts a week and $75 buys 7 posts a week.

Authors must provide the following:

photos of yourself, your book/s, your writing spot, etc.

list of authors you read

Passwords and usernames for any existing accounts

Book Giveaways

For a $30 fee I will handle the advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, contacting the winner, advertising the winner, packaging and mailing the book or sending the eBook, along with a request for a review.  If you wish to give out more than one book at a time there is an additional $5 charge per book.


References for all my work are always available.