Proofreading and Beta Services

$95 for a Beta read unless the book is more than 400 pages.  At 400 pages the cost goes to $145.  Contact me via the contact page for more information.

Manage Social Media

I will post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for you.  I can post 7 days a week, 5 days a week and 3 days a week per month.

There is a $50 start up fee.   This includes a 30 minute phone call to begin the process.  After that phone calls are invoiced at the rate of $25 per hour.

In addition I charge $25 an hour for posting.  $25 buys you three posts a week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a month with a total of 36 posts.  This includes growing your following.  $50 buys 5 posts a week and $75 buys 7 posts a week.

Authors must provide the following:

photos of yourself, your book/s, your writing spot, etc. (I have a list of questions)

list of authors you read

Passwords and usernames for any existing accounts

Paperback copies of all books

Book Giveaways

For a $30 fee I will handle the advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, contacting the winner, advertising the winner, packaging and mailing the book or sending the eBook, along with a request for a review.  If you wish to give out more than one book at a time there is an additional $5 charge per book.


References for all my work are always available.